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Lettre de motivation pour un voyage a NY

Lettre type : Lettre de motivation pour un voyage a NY. Rechercher de 47 000+ Dissertation Gratuites et Mémoires

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Dear Mr Tartier,

Iam very interested and motivated by the proposal of this journey to New York. I really hope that we will have a chance to visit many places there.

Hopefully, we will be able to visit the Statue of liberty, even if we can't climb to the top now as it is under renovation, we could maybe take some photos from a tourist boat.

I really hope to see the Empire State Building, one of the highest skyscrapers of the Big Apple and also the oldest one- I know the inside is art nouveau style.

I am looking forward to visit the MET, which is one of the most famous museums of the city together with the Guggenheim.

I am dying to walk on Broadway, so famous for all entertainment... I would really love to see a Musical show... but I don't know what is on right now ... I am sure that the professor will manage to organise a special evening there !

Eventually I really hope to go to the World Trade Center Memorial - probably very emotional but I don't know yet, if I would feel like visiting the new World Trade Center.

And of course, I can't imagine to be in New-York without going to Central Park !

My key points are my capacity to be organized, my ease to get on well with others, my maturity and my sense of discernment. I know that there is a time to work, listen, observe and also a time to have fun . My current activities are pole dancing and horse riding; I am also an ardent supporter of literature and in particular the English literature. My favorite book being Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice. I also like Shakespeare's style English which is for me a language with  melodious tones. I am thus doubly delighted to be able to apply for such a journey who shall bring me a fantastic cultural, linguistic and relational enrichment.

I am very determined and I believe in your discernment because I know that this cultural and linguistic journey is made for me and that the literary soul whom I am is made for it.

I hope to be selected and have the opportunity to meet nice people and why not make some new friendships.

If you accept my candidacy, this journey which will allow me to open to other horizons.

I Look forward to your reply hoping it's a positive answer from you.

Yours sincerely.

Alayane Mascroisier 2nd 5


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