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La gloire de Napoléon

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Hello my name is josh dunkel ,I am a scientist  who study about the designer babies , You know that the fisrt organisms engineered were bacteria in 1973 and then mice in 1974 , but now in 2022 , we can change the characteristic of babies


 . I chose the study of designer babies because  I'm interested of foot , I'm a big fan of foot, I like straight and smooth feet, especially baby feet, that it's lovely. Anyways

 When, in 1993, I and some American researchers cloned human embryos and fed them, it provoked

 protests from political leaders, but we didn't care. because it is not two or four people  ,  .who was going to stop our work


 For parents who panic, a los Angeles clinic , fertility institute , announced that their new genetic diagnosis technique would soon offer couples «  a choice of gender , eye color , hair color and complexion »


Genetic diagnosis has long been used for medical prupose , but given the ugliness of somepeople , they have to change their purpose .

Designer babies allow the world a facial renewal, a perfect society will exist, where there will be no ugly or handicapped or tanned people (you know what i mean) literally it will clean the planet of certain populations .  


my colleague, mark hughes, says he strongly opposes the idea of ​​using it to select for non-medical traits, jeff steinberg disagrees with him. Mark told me to keep it a secret but he had a small trauma, his parents didn't like him too much for his appearance, so he wanted to make all the kids like him, unhappy.


999 people who sought genetic counseling, a majority said they supported prenatal genetic testing for the elimination of serious diseases, 56 percent supported it to counteract blindness, and others to improve height and some people supported the selection approach for higher intelligence,

look how cute humans are, they want to resurrect an einstein or a Galilee .


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