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Anglais : Gun control

Analyse sectorielle : Anglais : Gun control. Rechercher de 53 000+ Dissertation Gratuites et Mémoires

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                                                        Oral presentation

For my gun control campaign, I would choose the A cartoon.  First of all, because it caught my attention directly. In my opinion, a cartoon should be understandable at first glance. So, we have a symbol that speaks to everyone, the flag of the United States. Normally made up of stars and stripes, but it was hijacked by Steve Greenberg, the cartoonist.

Bullet holes replaced the stars and gun barrels replaced the stripes.

Moreover, the red of the flag is blood, we can see a few drops falling.

Through this cartoon, the cartoonist wants to show the influence of the gun culture in the United States with powerful lobbies such as the NRA that continue to promote the use of guns. Finally, we have under the flag a pun that takes the motto of the United States, "in god we trust" to change it to "In guns we trust". Weapons have been anchored in the lives of Americans for centuries. More precisely, since 1776 with the Second Amendment, which established the right to bear and keep arms. In addition, the history of the United States has been marked by incredible violence, particularly during the period of segregation. Cartoonists like Steve Greenberg have the means to make a difference by spreading their cartoons to as many people as possible. A communication battle must be fought against the NRA to make people aware of the danger it represents. Statistics show the limits of this right with dozens of shootings every year. But the gun lobbies are extremely powerful and have a lot of money which allows them to finance big advertising campaigns. The media coverage of weapons is so important in the United States that it pushes Americans to buy a weapon to defend themselves against a threat that is often non-existent. It would therefore, be necessary to limit the power of the lobbies to be able to open up a real debate and why not move people's consciences and finally vote in favour of gun control.


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