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Do you consider the evolution of the family structures as a form of progress or not ?

Synthèse : Do you consider the evolution of the family structures as a form of progress or not ?. Rechercher de 53 000+ Dissertation Gratuites et Mémoires

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First let me define the notion. In America and in the others lands, the family is a group of individuals living under the same roof, in a house hold, it’s also a group of person of common ancestry, it’s a clan. But it’s not all, there is a different types of family unit, the blended family, the single sex parent hood, single parent hood, divorced parents, the nuclear family, the cohabitation, and for finish the polygamy. We have a image of the ideal family, it’s a combination of people who love each other and see each other by choice not by obligation but it’s not the reality in all families. Indeed, the family have much advantages like the support, the protection, the education, the unconditional love and affection.. but the family have much limits like inequalities between siblings, the lack of freedom, the pressure emotional and professional and other things..

But then do you consider the evolution of the family structures as a form of progress or not ?

It’s a question of advance of the society and the progressive development of humankind and i have chosen to illustrate this notion with « Freedom From Want » of the most popular artist Norman Rockwell, it’s a painting published in one thousand nine hundred and forty three and with the trailer of « Mordern Family ».

First let’s speak about of the painting by Norman Rockwell, in effect the date of the publication is important because the second world war taking place in the europe like France or Great Britain but in his paintings Rockwell represented cheerful and welcoming family gathering. In his three paintings we see different family who represents the evolution of the society, but the three paintings have a common point ; they celebrate Thanksgiving with their family, all gathered around a meal and seem happy and they smile.

But while Rockwell highlights the family connection and the happiness of everyone coming together, even those who come from far away to share this meal, in the last painting that represents the current or future society we can see an exaggeration, in the two previous tables we can see healthy food as well as families with certainly different styles but are held correctly, while in the third painting we see a woman who puts a fastfood tray on the table with the cigarette in the mouth like her husband.

Secondly let’s speak about of the document who speaks of the trailer of « Modern Family ».

« Modern Family » is an american comedy. It tells the story of Jay Pitchett, his second wife and stepson and 2 children and their families`, in this tv show there is a blended family, a single sex family (they have adopted a little girl), and a nuclear family.

In this comedy, no family is perfect and it is these imperfections that make the series well. Families live in today's society and seem happy


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