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How can jazz bring people together?

Fiche : How can jazz bring people together?. Rechercher de 53 000+ Dissertation Gratuites et Mémoires

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How can jazz bring people together?

Jazz appeared in the United States, in Louisiana precisely in New Orleans in the Mississippi Delta, at the end of the 19th century or the beginning of the 20th century. It is the result of the interbreeding between the culture of the black American people resulting from slavery, and the European culture imported by the French, German, Spanish and Irish colonists. Among the first jazz musicians, many are those who live by their performance in small brass bands; the instruments of these groups became the basic instruments of jazz: brass, reed instruments and drums. The end of the civil war, and the surplus of military musical instruments which it involved, only amplified the movement. Early jazz bands frequently used the structure and rhythm of the steps, which was the most common type of concert music at the time.

Although jazz is considered à difficult genre to define, improvisation is one of the main distinguishing features. The centrality of improvisation can be explained by its importance in the musical genres at the source of jazz, and in particular in the the blues of the origins, which is inspired by the working songs and complaints of African American slaves in the plantations.  

According to the text of the document we can understand that the Conga Square area, once a grassy common ground behind the ramparts of the city of origin (now Rampart street), was one of several gathering places for enslaved people from Africa and their descendants. So in the 1700s under French and spinach colonial rule, slaves were allowed to buy and sell goods on Sunday. They also played African style musical instruments and performed dances from their country of origin. Many years later the traditions remained and the participants came from different African nations and played à variety of styles of music. The spectacle of hundreds of people playing the Bamboula and the Calinda attracted all kinds of visitors, from domestic workers and free people of color to curious foreigners, including probably the composer Louis Marceau Gottschalk.  

So we can conclude that this is one of the main reasons why jazz can bring people together, because this tradition has not only allowed people of different origins to meet but also to make jazz know throughout the world.


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