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If I went back in time...

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If I went back in time…

Etape 1 : Identifiez l'événement historique choisi par l'intervenant et les multiples raisons de son choix

If he could go back in time, the speaker would try to find out what happened to the Lost Colony of Roanoke. This event took place hundred years ago in the North California, in America. It is told that a group of English settlers mysteriously vanished, and no one knows what really happened. In his mind, it really would thrill him to discover the truth and how they “disappeared”. He would like to be present at the event, but just as an overseer. The speaker really wants to solve this mystery, it would almost relieve him.

Relevez les mots et expressions signifiant : 
- se dérouler (en parlant d'un événement) 
= an event unfold 
- directement 
= first hand
- un observateur neutre
= overseer 
- si j'avais le choix...
= if it was up to me 
Relevez les mots et expressions qui montrent l’enthousiasme de l’interlocuteur :
one that is a mystery to us ; we have no record of what happened ; I would go exactly when it happened ; we would know exactly where it ended up ; something it would be awesome to find out

Etape 2 : Produisez votre propre texte en réintroduisant le vocabulaire et les structures vus dans les deux fiches d'exercices précédentes. Entraînez-vous (ton, rythme et accent américain) 

If we could travel back in time, or even re-enact an event, I would surely choose to go back to the 21st in July in 1961, when for the first time, a man walked on the moon. Apollo 11 was a spaceflight that started on July 16th 1969, and ended on July 24th 1969. The crew consisted of Neil Armstrong, Michael Collins and Buzz Aldrin.  When they reached the moon, on July 21st, at 02am56 UTC, Neil Armstrong became the first man to walk on the moon.

This event must have been extremely spectacular and joyful, for the entire world. Or, at least for the people who had the possibility to follow this new adventure. It must have been such a turning point in history, especially in science. So if I could go back in time and see this event unfold first hand, this is one of the events I would definitely choose.


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