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Lamb of the slaughter

Mémoire : Lamb of the slaughter. Rechercher de 53 000+ Dissertation Gratuites et Mémoires

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[pic 1]

In your notebook, you will need to take notes about the following things.


  1. Describe the main characters’ behaviour.  

He is arrogant, power sick and he disobedient

b.)Why or what motivates the main characters to act this way? (Try to come up with at least two reasons)

The fact that the witches predicted it and they always know the future

  1. Write down your initial personal reactions to these characters?  How would you react if in a similar situation?

I would have done the same thing as Macbeth

  1. Make a quick character graphic that shows relationships.[pic 2]


Choose the type of setting used in the play, and support your answer.

  1. What is the setting?

The witches hut, the castle etc.…

  1. Does the setting affect the events in the story?


  1. Does it add some believability to story, and/ or something to our overall comprehension of the story?

It captives us more to the story because It makes it more realistic with places we know

  1. Could this story take place in another place, if so where? Any other castle, any other forest
  2. Using the time markers in the story, draw Time Line in your notebook and include the major events of the play.



  1. How much time lapses in the story do you think?  2month


Choose the main conflict in the play, and support your answer.

Person against self

Person against Person

Person against Nature

Person against Society

Macbeth wife

Macbeth against the kings and lords

The ‘’trees’’ fought him

The other kings fought him

Themes & Magical Elements

Note down themes and any uses of magical elements. Think about why they are included? The three witches without them there wouldn’t be any story because Macbeth couldn’t have killed the king without their prediction

Historical Background & Quotes

Google the play and find some interesting ‘tidbits’ of information about the play’s history or more about the setting. Take note of the important quotes and be ready to discuss them in class.

  1. Macbeth calls Duncan “cousin” in the play though it is not certain they were first cousins.
  2. Scotland was so peaceful under his rule that Macbeth made a pilgrimage to Rome in 1050.
  3. The name “Macbeth” means ‘son of life’ in Gaelic.
  4. The role of Macbeth is 719 lines long, which is only half the length of Hamlet

Do you have any personal comments, connections, reflections about the play that you will discuss?


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