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This year,I did my internship with Maitre FIGEROU, notary and associate of « SCP CHAMABARIERE, GRANDIN, FiGEROU» .

The office is located in Bordeaux, at the quinconces place and is composed of 3 notaries, 3 clercs, and 6 collaborators .

⁃ Maitre FIGEROU, dealing with basics transactions (real estate family business), few real estate promotion as well as business law files ( company incorporation, sale of business, or shares corporations, and commercial leasing )

⁃ Maitre GRANDIN taking care of basics transactions too (real estate, family )

⁃ Maitre CHAMBARIERE dealing with , urban development, planning files and working with complex real estate promotion as well as operation of private and public institutions

This internship gave me the opportunity to strengthen my theoretical knowledge. I was able to carry on a multiple range of activities, which allowed me to follow file’s progress , to learn preliminary formalities and some accounting tasks.

I was in charge of clients reception : taking calls, plans (and do) meetings which means tell the notaries or clercs when all parties present, so the clients could be taken care off signature of papers as fast as possible.

I was also tasked to create files : fill in the records with all information available regarding the clients and buildings.

Once the informations collected, i was mandated to do the file’s redaction.

I was the notary clerk. I redacted the first draft of the authentic act as well as many origin of property. I also made notifications to the property syndicate. Maitre FIGEROU, my internship supervisor came regularly to the office he had assigned to me in order to check and correct my essays.

I have attended numerous meetings alone with clients in order to provide them with simple, and sometimes complex, advices.

In conclusion, this internship made me confident in my line of work choice, because of the human contact that we get through dealing with family related files ( like inheritance, donations, sharing, divorces ... ). We accompany families through tough times like losing a loved one, as well as buying a property ( some client are first time buyers and they need the guidance we provide ) and the interventions regarding corporate law. As time passed I realised that notaries do not see all these people as just clients . They are first and foremost people, that need advice, ( the best as possible so the choices that they make are the right ones ) The role of a notary , clercs and every person in the practice is to satisfy the client, reassure him no matter the situation he is in.


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