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Spaces and exchanges : the conquest of the west

Rapport de stage : Spaces and exchanges : the conquest of the west. Rechercher de 46 000+ Dissertation Gratuites et Mémoires

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The conquest of the west

The conquest of the west is a processus creat by american people for colonize America during the XIX century.

The territory of nord america is between the mississipi and the nord ocean habited by the Ameridians people.

In the 1803, the america buy the Louisiana to the France.

After , during 1820 and 1860, the Settler colonized all America.

The American used all method for colonized the America, for exemple the painting by Gast in 1872.

He used a symbolic allegoric for represent the progress and the futur.

The allegoric is a woman and this woman bring the progress with the telegraph, train and agriculture.

For the conquest of the West all American mobilized. The people used horse or wagon for go to darkness of the america. Because in the painting, the East is in Light while the West  is in Darkness.

All people mobilized, even the animal, we can see horse and bisons in the painting.

The conquest of the West was very in progress and in step by step.

The America was a other method for reassembly all people.

A other exemple, the america used the propaganda.

And this propaganda is very famous because america created a famous character. This famous character is Uncle Sam, he is born in 1812.

Uncle Sam is also a allegoric. He represent the America. He is like the old friends, he have a white hair and clothes in the color of america.

He is essentially in the poster of the propaganda for say what do for the country. He must reassembly people for the conquest of the West.

The best and the more famous poster is uncle sam in center and he say « i want you for U.S Army » with the finger pointed towards us

Now uncle sam is always diverted.

But in the XIX century it was a really model for all people. He said what do in army, in family and what children can do for help his parents


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