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Ecological Economics Outline for case study

Étude de cas : Ecological Economics Outline for case study. Rechercher de 47 000+ Dissertation Gratuites et Mémoires

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October 31, 2018

Ecological Economics

Outline for Case Study

Objective: The goal of this case study is to examine the ‘Dust Bowl’ of the 1930s that occurred in the United States and Canada. This case study will inquire into the ecological causes of the Dust Bowl as well as the economic outcomes that occurred in the short and long term during and after the Dust Bowl. Furthermore, this study will consider how the Dust Bowl played into the Great Depression at large, and what the implications of that historical event also meant. Additionally, the ‘winners’ (if there are any) and losers of the Dust Bowl will be identified.

Materials: Since the Dust Bowl occurred fairly long ago, it would be worthwhile to use sources from both the time period itself, as well as sources written more recently that perhaps provide a broader view of the incident. Overall, there are three types of sources that will be used for this study: ecological/environmental sources, economic sources, and historic sources. Each of these types of sources will provide a unique perspective that is needed for a comprehensive analysis of the Dust Bowl as a whole.

Method: First, this paper will talk about what the dust bowl was and will then go on to talk about what its causes were. This section will primarily look at the practices of farmers at this time and look for scientific reasons for the dust storms. I will then go on to first look at the environmental and ecological results that occurred because of the dust bowl. Next, I will discuss the economic implications and look at the Dust Bowl’s connection to the Great Depression. This economic analysis will be the most important part of the paper. Finally, I will attempt to place the Dust Bowl into historical context by explaining its importance in American and Canadian history.


-November 1: Submit Case Study

-November 3: Library Session – find old and new sources relating to ecological/environmental, economic, and historical aspects of the Dust Bowl.

-November 5: Search online for sources relating to the Dust Bowl in the same categories described above.

-November 7-10: Write paper based on sources, and produce solid rough draft

-November 11: Proof read and finalize paper, get ready for submission.


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