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Anglais: Be able to take part in a job interview

Fiche : Anglais: Be able to take part in a job interview. Rechercher de 53 000+ Dissertation Gratuites et Mémoires

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Be able to take part in a job interview

1. Getting a job


Hive : embauché

Carry : porter

Look : avoir l'air, semblé

Look for : chercher

Look like : ressembler

Look at : regarder

Cover letter : lettre de motivation

Intership : stage

ad/advert/advertisement : publicité

two-year technical degree : BTS

A-level : Baccalauréat

Bachelor's degree : Licence

GCSE (general certificate of secondary education) : Brevet des collèges

Technical school certificate : BEP

Knowlodge : connaissances

Them : ensuite

Salary/ pay/ wayne : salaire


Il permet d'exprimer une action en cours de développement et il permet aussi d'émettre un jugement.


→You look for a job

→ You give a resume and a cover letter

→ There are students, unemployed and professional

_ Nature/ source/ auther : this is TV news

_ place : the scene takes place in winter park there are new store locations, that's why they are looking workers. It is in Orlando

_ date : the job fair started/ at 6 am and it goes until 1 pm


_ Chracter : there is a journalist her nale is aixa diaz

_ Topic : it / is about          aldi job fair

              / Takes about

             / Deals with

Jobs : store manager and cashier

Salary : $ 20 per hour $ 10 per have for

Criteria : you must apply in person and have a high school diploma or equivalensy

In addition/ if you work 20 hours /a week, you have health assurance

   Moreaer/                              /per work

❖ MUST est un modal, il est toujours suivi d'une base verbale (verbe non conjugué). 2 utilisations

_ Obligation

_ Supposition (quasi certaine)

Ex : You must have a two-year technical degree

       She must be at home (→ sûr à 90%)

       You mustn't go out !

How to act in an interwiew

This document is a job interwiew between a recruter and an applicant. The reruiter asks questions :

_ Strength→ What do you consider your greatest strength is ? I am very reliable, U do my best to my job properly

_ Weakness → May i ask what your greatest weakness is ? I work ovetime and i always forget the normal working hours

_ Reason why he has chosen this compagny→ Could you tell me why you have chosen this compagny? Organitation is very succesfull ? The compagny is successful and know throught the world

Painwork : recruiter / applicant

One of you is the rectuiter and the other is the applicant

Recruiter :

_ askes questions about his/her identity

_ askes questions his/her former jobs/ education/ interest/ qualities

Applicant :

_ answer the questions

_ be polite (developp your enswer)

_ show you are motivated

Analyse d'une compréhension écrite :

1. repérer la nature, la date, l'auteur et la source du document.

⌦Analyse du titre, il permet de déduire le sens du texte

2. repérer les mots connus et les mots transparents. Déduire le sens global du document


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