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Lettre de motivation pour un voyage à New York

Lettre type : Lettre de motivation pour un voyage à New York. Rechercher de 47 000+ Dissertation Gratuites et Mémoires

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In 12/09/16 Papeete, Tahiti

Dear Sir Tartier,

I am very interested and motivated by the proposal of this journey for New York. I really hope that we can visit a lot.

Hopefully, maybe we will pay us a visit to the Liberty Statue, even if we can't climb to the top now as it is under renovation, we should maybe take a ferry or a tourists boat to have a look near by and take some photos !

Plus, I really hope to see the Empire State Building one of the highest  skyscrapers of the Big Apple, but also the oldest one- I know the inside is in Art Nouveau Style. 

I am looking forward to visit the MET, which is one of the most famous museum of the town with the Guggenheim.

I am dying to walk on Broadway, so famous for all entertainment... I would really love to watch and listen to a Musical Comedy... but I don't know what is on right now ...I am sure that the professor who will accompany us will manage us a special evening !

Eventually I really hope to go to the World Trade Center Memorial - probably very emotional, but I don't know yet if I would feel like to visit to the new World Trade Center.

And of course, I can't imagine to be in New-York without going to Central Park !

My key points are my capacity to organize me, my ease to enter into a relationship with the others, my maturity and my sense of the discernment, as far as I understand easily that there is a time to have fun and an other one to listen, observe and work. My current activities are pole dance and horse riding; I am also one fan ardent supporter of the literature and in particular the English literature, my preferred book being Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice. I like enormously the English(Shakespeare's style) which is for me a language in the very melodious tones. I am thus doubly delighted  to be able to apply for such a journey who shall bring me a fantastic cultural, linguistic and relational enrichment.

Besides I can easily recognize that I am very determined and I believe profoundly in to justice also I quite trust your discernment because I know that this cultural and linguistic journey is made for me and that the literary soul whom I am is made for him.

I hope to be sincerely selected to have the opportunity to make human meetings enriching and why not start friendship on the long term.

It is in this energy that I come with you to request your benevolence to accept my candidacy for this journey which will allow me to open to other horizons.

Looking forward to a positive answer from you, please accept, Sir, the expression of my enthusiastic greetings.

Alayane Mascroisier 2nd 5


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