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Myths and Heroes

Fiche : Myths and Heroes. Rechercher de 53 000+ Dissertation Gratuites et Mémoires

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Myths and Heroes

I'm going to deal with the notion of « Myths and Heros ». Nowadays, when we talk about a myth we think about a story that is believed by many people but that is not true. Heroes can be some Greek Heroes, mythological fugures or superheroes . But there are more kinds of heroes.

Generally, a heroe seems to be a person greatly admired  for brave acts or  fine qualities.

So who are really the heroes ?

I will first deal with the everyday heroe, then with historical heroes and finally with modern day heroes.

So, firstly, we can meet everyday some heroes. They're generally modest ans sometimes we don't know or we don't realize how they are essentials in our everyday life. For example, we need doctors  because they tke care of us, they always try to improve the heath, they save several lives, and due to thanks to the, peole  live more and more longer. We can also trust firemen, who risk their live too save people, or soldiers who fight for their country : those people are generally in remaining anonymous.

We can also admire historical heroes like Martin Luther King, who changed human relations in the 60's in the USA. He was black and he fought for the equality between black and white people. His speech pronounced in 1963 behind the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, after a march for « Jobs and Freedom » in front of 250 000 people, will make him an historical figure of freedom and tolerance. Nelson Mandela shares the sames qualities : he brings democracy and freedom in his country, South Africa. We can also talk about Mother Theresa, who dedicates her life to help

children in poors countries, she has won the Nobel Price in 1976

Finally, we can talk about modern day heroes. Sometimes, celebrities are considered as heroes. For example, Steve Jobs, the founder of the Apple Company, is a great visionary, a genius who creates the news tools of communication for the worldwide. He became famous thanks his device « think different ». He was an orphan and was adopted by a lower middle class family. He dropped out from school and he didn’t graduate from university. He had nothing to succeed, he starts from scratch. But Steve Jobs revolutionised the world of computers with, Apple the most powerful brand worldwide. Over the years he climbed the social ladder. He influenced people's lives with his achievements. Its certainly the reason why Steve Jobs is considered as a hero. Today he remains a role model, an example of success for a lot of people.

Hence, everyday heroes make our live easier and nicer. People who changed history like Nelson Mandela or Martin Luther King are really heroes and everybody admire them. To conclude, we can say that heroes can changed our lives. They have a capacity to change the minds of many people and to help them. They do courageous things, they fight for something or they want to serve others. They represent a model, an ideal human-being. 


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