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Myths and heroes

Discours : Myths and heroes. Rechercher de 53 000+ Dissertation Gratuites et Mémoires

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I am going to talk about the notion of Myths and Heroes. First of all I would like to give a definition of this notion : A myth can be defined as a story about gods or heroes, it can be a popular belief or a tradition or a false notion. A hero can be a mythological figure, a person who is admired for his or her achievements, a superhero or maybe a role model or an icon. but most of the time, when we talk about heros, we think first of men, not of women.

But have women managed to make themselves heard and to be recognized from the sixteenth century to the present day?


  • Women that we heard about and who managed to be heard and recognized 

For a long time, women were put in a position of inferiority to the man, for many things they had nothing to say, they had to take care of the children and the house while the husband worked for earn money or go to war to defend the country. Although women did not often have the choice of what they wanted to be, one of them shoved all the codes of her day and became a powerful and respected queen. this woman was Elisabeth the 1st  and we will see his armada  portrait ; Of all the kings and queens of England, Elisabeth 1st was the most famous :indeed she was said to be feminine, sexy, imperious, cunning and ruthless and i think this portrait is very true to the image we are given of her. She was only 3 years old when her mother died so she grow up very lonely and she cultivated the seeds of indépendance at very early age. Moreover she was very cultivated and she was a very respected queen. That was very inhabituale at that time because women were not  considered as importante.Also  She was never married, what I try to say here is that she never been under a husband otority and her virginity made in some ways her power. That's why we can considered her like a heroine, because she mark her time and inspire a lot a women.

Now let's talk about today's heroine, I'm going to talk about the interview of Malala Yousafzai on the elen’s show  . On this document ,she  tel her story I will summarize what she says. Malala was born in 1997, she is Pakistani. After the Taliban began attacking girls' schools in the country, Malala gave a speech in 2008 in a big city in Pakistan. In October 2012, an armed gunman shot Malala as she was returning home from school. After being shot in the head, she should have died, but she miraculously survived and continued to talk about the importance of education and especially women's education. In 2014, she received the Nobel Peace Prize, becoming the youngest person to receive this award. Malala is a very mature teenager. She could be considered a hero of real life. She would have been able to resume a normal life after being shot at but decided to continue to campaign for her ideas and today she is the model and spokeswomen of thousands of women around the world.


  • Women who made important action but were never recognize or were not take seriously

the first person I decided to speak to is queen victoria with the document , we can say that it is a woman who made talk about her and that it was a queen so she has necessarily marked history in her way but I will tell you about a very specific fact. Queen Victoria, towards the end of her life had a close friend, his name was abdul, abdul was a servant offered by India to the Queen. slowly, he became the best friend of the queen as well as his confidant. Although the rest of the royal family did not agree, the queen remained close to abdul, they regularly exchanged letters, she offered him land in India and she was very generous with him. when she died, the queen had put in her will that she wanted her friends Abdul to be in the principal mourners at her funeral . the royal family, at the death of the queen decided to dismiss abdul in india and forbid him to be in the cortege. we can see here that even if it is a queen, the last will of Queen Victoria was not respected, so in the end even if it was powerful, they didn’t take his last will seriously


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