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Anglais Myths and Heroes : The American Dream

Fiche : Anglais Myths and Heroes : The American Dream. Rechercher de 53 000+ Dissertation Gratuites et Mémoires

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The American Dream

The american dream is an idea, that anybody can become rich. Just with her courage and her work. This idea of success is a notion at the migrants. This idea arrive in the years 1920-1960. For migrants is the dream of a life. But it’s really possible?

Of course, lot of people have become rich with the american dream idea.

During this time, the first Settlers was in Virgina for tobacco, sugar and cotton. It’s was the colonization with the Pilgrim Father in November 1620.

The american dream had beginning symbolically with the first Thanksgiving in November 1621. At the beginning, the USA was the land of ahundande, peace and freedom. The myth american dream had begin with the beginning of USA.

But between Stellers and indians it was very different. The Settlers was civilized and clean, but the indians are not civilized. But in 1620 there as religious persecutions and wars.

But in 1776 the English Colony come. In 1776 come a revolution, with the Declaration of Independence and 13 States in democracy. In 1776 only the East america was conquest.

With the nineteen centuries, Lewis and Clark had given lot of informations for colonized the West. It’s was the Conquest of the West. And step by step the American colonized the West. Lot of people was mobilize for the Conquest. For them, it’s was very good because they win gold and land, it’s was the goal.

We can see this happiness in American with the painting of Gast in 1872.

We can see a symbolic allegoric to encourage the american to go the West.

Maybe the woman carries the bible or the constitution. The americans bring the progress with the telegraph, train and agriculture. The american was mobilize, they come in wagon or the horses. But the animal was mobilize to. And in the photo, we can see a opposition, a contrast between the East ad the West. In East it’s sunny, we can see the light, but in West it’s was very dark.

So, with this history, the USA fascinate, and more and more with the American Dream. Lot of people come in USA for realize his dream. Many Mexicans come in Us for the American dream.


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