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Idea of progress: Should We fear progress ?

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I’m going to talk about the « idea of progress ». To begin with, I’d like to state a definition of that notion. The idea of progress can be defined as an improvement, a development or change in technical, scientific or social advance which contributes to making the world a better place. However, some people can consider it as a negative thing because progress may go beyond ethical morals. So, we can focus on the question : Should We fear progress ?

First of all, I think the progress is very useful for our society for exemple we can focus on the cartoon of Steve Jobs which represents him wearing glasses with the logo of Apple. He is the CEO of this company. This document also indicates that Steve Jobs is a visionary because he invented the first computer names Macintosh and he is the pioneer of the iPod. With these creations he revolutionised the world of technology, he invented things that has changed the life of people all around the world. Thanks to him, a lot of technological advances have been possible.

Furthermore, robots can improve living conditions, they can perform household chores, make the harsh tasks in factories instead of human. For the future, the robots will also be able to help the elderly and take care of children which is very beneficial for everyone because it upgrades the quality of life of everybody.

However, the progress can be dangerous if we don’t pay attention about the ethic. Possibility of choosing the gender of the baby, may have positive outcomes as we seen in an interview about that but this process provokes debates about the ethical issues : knowing that the reproduction is mostly random, we can wonder if having the choice for the sex of the baby is against nature of not.

Then, the cloning is also a recent scientific progress, the text « Oh brave new world ! » is illustrated by a picture where we can see 6 identical babies who look like doll babies, not human being. Furthermore, there are aligned, it’s really astonishing.

The text is about the DHC who presents Bokanovsky’s Process to a lot of students. The principe is to stop the growth of eggs so they can divide until develop 96 identical embryos which will represent 96 clones in the future. The D.H.C sounds haughty and really thinks that Bokanovsky’s Process is a revolutionary idea for the world. He doesn’t even think about the ethics and morals issues that 96 identical human beings may cause.

Finally, the texts « Designer Baby » and « Saviour Sibling » warn us about the fact that some parents can make a baby for the sole purpose of saving another child, they don’t really care about the life and feelings of that baby, it feels like they don’t matter, they don’t consider him like a Human being so a question comes naturally in mind : Where are the limits of progress ?

In conclusion, I’d say that some scientists use Science for great reasons, they


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