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Idea of progress, technology

Dissertation : Idea of progress, technology. Rechercher de 53 000+ Dissertation Gratuites et Mémoires

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I'm going to talk about the notion « Idea of Progress », so the idea of progress can be defiened like an improvement , a development or a change, technical , scientific or social advance wich contributes to making the world a better place. Example can be : for scientific progress a medical advances, technological progress can be advances in communication and social progress can changes in quality of lige like women's right. The issue that have choose is  « How does it affect modern technology in today's society? Does it have a positive or negative effect? ». To answer this question we will see in a first part that evolution of technologies have a positive effect. Then in a second part we will see the negative effect . To illustrate this i have choose a movie « Speech's King » and some articles about the society of today.

So like we have say in the introduction, in the first part we will talk about the positve effect of the evolution of the technologies in the society. Indeed, for example the most important in my point of view it the scientific progress which improve the quality of life. Before, the life expectancy was less important that today. Now we have the possibility to transplating an artificial heart for patients who require this like we can see in a article of internet of « LeMonde » of the 20 january 2015, even if there are died some time later, it's a amazing progress. Or an other example that i found in the article of newspaper « The Guardian », a baby recovers after 120 days with artificial heart, this is reaaly amazing. But there are other progress who are important, like the technologies of communication. In the movie that we have study in classroom « Speech's King », we can see that the radio and the télévision, are recent enought. When George the six will be crowned, the scene will be broadcast on television. The evolution of some technologies have change the world, because now we can see what happened in all the world. We can know what happened in more or less real time in other countries. Quality of TV show are better too, with tele-prompteur for example.

Now, evolution of technologies was not always a positive effect. Indeed evolution of technologies are good but not always, now evvery body are in social medias. As we can see in a website « Carrefour Education ». Want always more was not good always, indeed people lose their uses because of new technologies, for example in China, some pubs have replaced their servers by robots. Social medias are totally part of our lives even childran of 3 years old are still in front of screens. Social medias have replaced the intimate relationships that were taking place with in families from an article in internet. Every day new applications


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