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The Indian Society-Idea of progress

Dissertation : The Indian Society-Idea of progress. Rechercher de 53 000+ Dissertation Gratuites et Mémoires

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Idea of progress

Intro:- notion I’m going to deal with is

-First of all I would like to give a def of this notion. The idea of progress can be defined as an improvement, a development or a change. It can be a technical, scientific or social advance which contributes to making the world a better place.

-To illustrate the notion, I will talk about the Indian society.

-So why is India said to be a country of contradictions?

-To answer this question,I will present the traditional aspect of India,then I will present the modern one.

I)Traditional aspects of India

-Firstly, India is a poor land full of inequalities especially between men and women.For me,to explain that there are 2 reasons:

-The first one is the traditional infanticide practice against girls.It is the case in the documents named “India’s girls go missing” and “Another girl”.The first doc focuses on the fact that in three generations,the number of girls has gone down dramatically because more than 50 millions women have been selectively eliminated from India’s population through infanticide and other gendercide practices.The second doc is about an Indian family whose mother is forced by her husband to kill their child.That’s a sad reality.

-The second reason is the dowry system.Indeed the doc “The dowry tradition” explains the dowry system.It implies that when girls are getting married,they have to give money to their husband’s family.So it is financially more attractive to have a son.Moreover,the boys take care of the business family and of the parents in their old age.So for the Indian families it is an indispensable asset and a necessary to have a son.That is why,India has become a male-dominated society.

II)Modern aspects of India

-Now I will present the modern aspects of India.Thus many changes have occurred in India over the last 30 years.Thanks to technical progress,India is an emerging country which is in a process of rapid economic development.To illustrate this idea, I will use an audio report “High-tech cities” which is about a man named Sirisha who returned to India to create his company located in Hyderabad.So thanks to these high tech cities evolution and industrial technology like Hyderabad and Bangalore,the Indian economy has tremendously increased.

-In addition,there is also a change at the social level in particularly for the women.This change is evoked in the doc “The world’s largest democracy”.It is about the statue of the woman which can evolve over time,like in 2007 when Pratibha Patil became the first female President of India.

CCL: -To put it in a nutshell, India is far from being a homogeneous country because there are many problems to solve like infanticides,the strong cast system and the poverty.What’s more,India has changed economically,technologically and socially,mainly for women.


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