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Idea de progresso

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             The idea of progress.

The notion that we studied is called '' The idea of progress ''. In classe We studied the idea of progress has fault the evolution of the status of the woman. At first I'm going to speakabout the women's status in 1940's, then I decided to show that in 1950's the women's role aas totally different that before And that it evolved very quickly.

Suffragette --> Wanted the right for women to vote because they couldn't run for election.

Angletterre: In 1927, all women over 21 years old were given the right to vote.

France: In 21 april 1944, ordinance of French provisionnal governement extended suffrage to French women.

Women realized that they could be a successfull as men, they paved the way for changes to come.

At 1940's the divorce rate dropped, their started getting marring at younger age. Their function was tobe mothers and wives and their lives became exclusively family centred. They were struck in the home even if they were unhappily married because women were discriminated against in workplace. They depended on their husbands.

(Today the situation has changed, they have the same qualification as men. They have access to a wide range of jobs but they still do most of the housework. )

But in 1950's women were unhappy with the fact that their lives revolved around their homes and families. But having a career was deemed unseemly. So many of them decided to beacme a suffragette, they decided to do (make) nothing nothing more in their houses.

At this time mony women are joined the movement of suffragettes, they having a good time and they are involved in manely activity. They left the house to go to meetings. So their husbands are obligated to take of the house. Many men lost their mascunality, the roles have been reversed. At this time men are forced to obey to their wives. Men dissaprove that their wives rejoin the movement of sufragettes. They are affraid to lose their position in society.

However this change is an evolution in the traditionnal roles of men and women and pleases many couples. Today they are more and more wives who are the sole breadwinner. Today the woman is better educated as the man and dads like to nurture. Many men accepted to become house-dad. For example in the text who is called '' A soldier, a stay-home dad '', Kaththea Stagg's husband accepted toput his own career on hold to follow her because she's determined to join the army. He doesn't regret to quitting his job and loves looking after their children.

This evolution of the women's status in the society. This evolution allowed certain famous and powerful women of future like Michelle Bachelet ( Presidente of Chile ), Hillary Clinton ( senator )...

Ccl: To end we can say that in spite of the fact that there was a lot of made progress, there is still some many of the others to realize so that men and women are equal.


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